Willowcreek Grill And Raw Sushi

Willowcreek Grill is a unique restaurant that offers a diverse menu, by creating a fusion of flavors from different cuisines from Latin to Asian. We work to provide great entrees to amazing salads to delight our guests taste buds. From our Cioppino to the Greek Cow you will be delighted by how we like to dine. With the laid-back atmosphere, great music and a rotating selection of great beers and wines from Idaho to overseas, we aim to keep you happy!

Raw Sushi with Willowcreek Grill, we offer the unique opportunity for the sushi lover to share the same table and still get exactly what they want. From our signature Rattlesnake roll to our select Sakes with a side of our Sweet potato twigs  and you will have the full WC/RAW experience! Great food, awesome people, and good times.

WCGrill & Raw Sushi on Tenth St. is our continuing passion to bring great food, service, and atmosphere to the downtown locale.

With our newly remodeled space we will continue to strive to do what we love by providing a remarkable experience to current and future guests alike.